Our investment offer

By providing funds in asset management to Why Not Company, you will receive dividends of

3% daily for timeless term.
You can withdrawal funds every day (instant), deposit is included to payouts, payback within 33 days.

3%Deposit growth

Affiliate program

We occupy a leading position in the market due to the close-knit team of professionals and the diverse approaches in the development of our common cause, and also due to the fact that we are constantly introducing new technology (the most successful example is blockchain technology).

Despite the passing of time, our company uses one of the oldest and equally important ways of promoting. This is affiliate program. We use it because we have a powerful tool to promote on mutually beneficial terms with our customers.

from the first level

How to become a representative

To get a premium representative status with improved affiliate program (15%) you should fulfill next conditions:

  • 1) To make a deposit.
  • 2) To engage 20 partners or more.
  • 3) The total amount of your partners investments should exceed 5.000$
  • 4) To add the advertisement of “Why not” to your site or to the pages of social networks, also it could be a video review of the project “Why not”.